Edward Cowie

Edward Cowie was born in Birmingham in 1943, and first came to international prominence with his BBC Prom commission, Leviathan in 1975. Since that time his music has been recorded, performed and featured in major festivals all over the world. He studied with Goehr and Lutos?awski. First trained as a physicist, but also studying painting at The Slade, his career parallels and fuses the arts with the sciences. His visual work has been exhibited worldwide, and he has made several television films, commissioned work for radio, and worked as a conductor with orchestras and ensembles in Germany, the UK and Australia. His music has often been described as ‘inter-sensual’ meaning that the listening experience is connected to visualisation. He intends his music to invite, invoke and impress the listener with ‘a sense of place and a place for all of the senses’.

Edward Cowie is internationally renowned as a visual artist, his paintings and drawings having been exhibited all over the world where they can be seen in public and private collections. In the past decade, Cowie has employed acts of drawing (what he calls ‘drawing towards music’ as an essential part of the building process that leads towards the music. The illustrations here are taken from sketchbooks relating to the works on disc, and form a second-stage process of composition, the first being ‘field-work’ and the third stage being the compositional work itself.


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