Daniella Ganeva

Daniella Ganeva is considered to be one of the finest marimba artists of our time. Born in Bulgaria, Daniella began her percussion studies at the age of eleven and has ‘clocked up’ many wonderful achievements during her career. Her work in the UK and beyond has earned her a great deal of respect from audiences and percussionists worldwide, and extraordinary critical acclaim. Whether performing in the concert hall or gracing the airwaves, Daniella delights audiences with her passionate and energetic style. “This is an instrument with a huge dynamic range” says Daniella, “and one that can sing with the beauty and innocence of a child or with the aggression of a rock band!”

In addition to her busy performing career, Daniella is regularly in the recording studio. Of the various recordings she has been involved with it is her solo albums that have been extraordinarily successful across the world. This album is no exception as the performances here are regarded by many to be amongst the finest of this repertoire yet available. Indeed, some consider them to have set a standard with which all others are compared.


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