Chapel Royal & The Musicians Extra-Ordinary

Children of the Chapel Royal

Oliver Fincham
Alexander May
Joseph Jackson
Ivo Almond
Daniel Barber
Allan Ross
Jack Fonseca
Orlando Byron
Edmund Phillips
Daniel Mair


Alto: Michael McGuire, James Bowman
Tenor: Jerome Finnis, Andrew Tortise
Bass: Angus Wilson, Maciek O’Shea


Alto: David Gould (tracks 1 and 9 of Music for the Coronation of James II, 1685 only)

Musicians Extra-ordinary

Violins: Catherine Martin (leader), Hannah Tibbell
Viola: Wiebke Thormahlen
‘Cello (and continuo): Joseph Crouch
Cornetts: Jeremy West and Richard Thomas
Sackbut: Adrian France
Organ: Joseph Nolan (Sub-Organist, H.M.Chapel Royal)
Conductor: Andrew Gant (Organist, Choirmaster and Composer, H.M.Chapel Royal)

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