Richard Bryan Counter-tenor
Steven Brooks Tenor
Mark Fleming Tenor
Michael Steffan Baritone

Cantabile – The London Quartet

The London Quartet, Cantabile, are one of Britain’s longest- established vocal ensembles. Since they became widely known in the early nineteen-eighties they have mastered a wide array of musical styles which they have taken to a worldwide audience, always remaining true to their core vocal texture which is unmistakably rooted in the great English choral tradition. Cantabile’s origins at Cambridge University lay in revue as well as in music, and their flair for the stage continues to keep them in demand in theatres and cabaret as well as in concert halls and at festivals; indeed, they featured for over a year in London’s West End. They have appeared in an enormous variety of venues, singing programmes encompassing early polyphony, jazz and contemporary music. Although essentially an a cappella group, they have appeared with a range of leading artists and ensembles, from big band to symphony orchestra. This is their second album with Malcolm Martineau.

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