Belarusian State Chamber Orchestra

The State Chamber orchestra of the Republic of Belarus is one of the leading professional collectives in the country. Founded as the ‘Minsk Chamber Orchestra’ by the outstanding conductor, composer and organist Oleg Yanchenko in 1968, the ensemble quickly established a strong professional position in Belarus. In 1969 the orchestra was renamed by their chief conductor Yuri Tsiriuk and is now conducted and directed by Evgeny Bushkov.

Many outstanding conductors have headed the orchestra since the 1970s, including Alexander Polianichko, Victor Sobolev, Misha Katz, Dmitriy Zubov, Vladimir Baidov and Ingo Reihl. Each has made a contribution to the professional life of the collective and furthered its artistic and international standing. Since 2003 Piotr Vandilovskiy has been the orchestra’s chief conductor and artistic director.

Ingo Ernst Reihl
Ingo Ernst Reihl was chief conductor of The Minsk Chamber Orchestra between 2001 and 2004, and was a permanent guest conductor for the ensemble between 1993 and 1999. He has conducted many East European and Russian ensembles and choirs, as well as many internationally renowned soloists, on CD, radio and TV broadcasts and in live concert performances. He still leads The Young Orchestra for 80 young musicians, an ensemble he founded in his student years in the mid 1980s. He received the ‘Ruhr award for Art and Science’ in 1987 and was musical director of Small Opera Dusseldorf between 1988 and 1990. He has been an assistant professor of music for the faculty of the Studium Fundamentale at Witten-Herdecke University since 1990, and was made honourary professor of conducting at the Belarusian State Academy for Music in 2001.

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