On Eagles Wings



“ … One gorgeous piece after another, in pristine, dew-fresh performances by the ever-wonderful choir Tenebrae. Alexander L’Estrange is a many-sided composer of prodigious gifts, and this is an album I will return to again and again; I recommend it warmly to all lovers of choral music.” John Rutter


Nigel Short leads Tenebrae in a new album of sacred and jazz inspired choral works by Alexander L’Estrange, one of Britain’s most popular living choral composers.  



What people are saying

"The choir masterfully interprets all the works to perfection and gains power and warmth from one piece to the next, offering to its listeners deep bass sounds as well as the brilliant homogeneity of voices." – BachTrack, April 2016

"On the showing of this disc, Alexander L’Estrange is the go-to person for evocative and striking small scale new commissions, something lyrically attractive with some luscious harmonies…Each item is perfectly lovely with the fine performances of Tenebrae giving us plenty of magical moments." – Planet Hugill, April 2016

"L’Estrange’s works add a jazz-infused chordal depth and a roving harmonic eye to Howell’s declamatory muscularity and modal palette. It’s attractive, approachable music, with nothing contrived or patronising about it." – Gramophone, May 2016

 "Vivid, varied and completely satisfying." – Choir & Organ, June 2016


Nigel Short

Release date:1st Apr 2016
Order code:SIGCD454
Barcode: 635212045428

  1. New College Service: Magnificat – Alexander L’Estrange – 6.53
  2. New College Service: Nunc dimittis – Alexander L’Estrange – 3.43
  3. Prayers for Peace: Lighten our Darkness – Alexander L’Estrange – 1.41
  4. Let All the World in Every Corner Sing – Alexander L’Estrange – 5.57
  5. Prayers for Peace: The Lord’s Prayer – Alexander L’Estrange – 1.50
  6. Tune Me, O Lord – Alexander L’Estrange – 6.50
  7. On Eagles’ Wings – Alexander L’Estrange – 4.52
  8. Oculi Omnium – Alexander L’Estrange – 2.48
  9. My Song is Love Unknown – Alexander L’Estrange – 8.47
  10. Prayers for Peace: God Be in My Head – Alexander L’Estrange – 1.00
  11. Panis Angelicus – Alexander L’Estrange – 5.20
  12. Lute-book Lullaby – Alexander L’Estrange – 4.36
  13. Epiphany Carol – Alexander L’Estrange – 5.03
  14. Hodie! – Alexander L’Estrange – 3.19
  15. Let the People Praise You – Alexander L’Estrange – 4.52
  16. An Irish Blessing – Alexander L’Estrange – 3.51