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Musica Antiqua

Musica Antiqua

Philip Thorby
Alison Crum
John Bryan
Roy Marks
Jacob Heringman

Musica Antiqua of London is a group of instrumentalists specialising in the performance of Renaissance music. The group takes as its model the court bands of the sixteenth century, with their blend of virtuosity and versatility. Musica Antiqua is unique in that all its members are experts on a wide variety of Renaissance instruments, including recorders, viols, crumhorns, and rebecs. This enables them to create 'whole consorts' (different sizes of the same instruments played together), and 'broken consorts' (mixed groupings of instruments from different families), as well as providing a shawm band and a number of other instruments of the period.

Musica Antiqua's concerts are usually given with one or more leading specialist early music singers. The group has made three highly successful tours on the Early Music Network and has appeared in the York, Bath, Norwich and Belfast festivals, as well as giving many other concerts in Britain and Europe, including a series of concerts in the major London concert halls. Musica Antiqua has made a number of radio broadcasts, including one nominated for three international awards.

Concerts given by Musica Antiqua reflect the richness and variety of European Renaissance music - sacred and secular, popular and courtly - from England, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Italy. Programmes are meticulously planned to blend what are often miniature masterpieces into longer sequences, usually entertainingly and informatively introduced from the platform by Philip Thorby, who is head of the Renaissance and Baroque Department at Trinity College of Music in London.

Guest Artists of Musica Antiqua

John Potter (tenor)
Jennie Cassidy (mezzo-soprano)
Belinda Sykes (alto)
Robert Evans (baritone)
Rebecca Miles
Clare Wilkinson

You can visit the Musica Antiqua website at