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The Miraculous Mandardin, Dance Suite & Contrasts

 Esa-Pekka Salonen
 Philharmonia Orchestra
 Philharmonia Voices

Recorded as part of their critically praised ‘Infernal Dance’ season, the Philharmonia Orchestra under Esa-Pekka Salonen explore three contrasting works by Bela Bartok – the chamber piece Contrasts, and the orchestral works Dance Suite and The Miraculous Mandarin.

Contrasts is one of Bela Bartok’s most imaginative forays into the world of chamber music. His only chamber work involving a woodwind instrument (for Piano, Clarinet and Violin), Contrasts originated in a commission from the American ‘King of Swing’, Benny Goodman.
Composed to mark the 50th anniversary of Budapest in 1923, Bartok’s Dance Suite is a rhapsodic collection of folk inspired tunes that marked a sonorous change in direction from the composer’s more dissonant works up to that point.
The ballet-pantomime The Miraculous Mandarin is raw, dangerous, exotic and elemental: using the rarely performed full ballet score it is frenzied music, percussive, sensuous and violent, telling a shocking story of desire and death.



What people are saying

"Ferocious savagery that Salonen uncorks...suggesting a lacerating whip."The Times, August 2016


"I was drawn in by the cool ferocity and steadfast virtuosity of these performances." The Guardian, August 2016

Philharmonia Orchestra • Philharmonia Voices
Yefim Bronfman • Zsolt-Tihamer Visontay • Mark van de Wiel
Esa-Pekka Salonen conductor


Release date: 2nd Sep 2016
Order code: SIGCD466
Barcode: 635212046623

1.The Miraculous Mandarin, Sz. 73: Introduction - A Bustling City StreetBelÓ Bartˇk3:29
2.The Miraculous Mandarin, Sz. 73: 1st Decoy GameBelÓ Bartˇk3:39
3.The Miraculous Mandarin, Sz. 73: 2nd Decoy GameBelÓ Bartˇk3:21
4.The Miraculous Mandarin, Sz. 73: 3rd Decoy GameBelÓ Bartˇk1:39
5.The Miraculous Mandarin, Sz. 73: The Mandarin Enters ?BelÓ Bartˇk7:25
6.The Miraculous Mandarin, Sz. 73: The Girl Sinks Down ?BelÓ Bartˇk2:16
7.The Miraculous Mandarin, Sz. 73: The Tramps Leap Out ?BelÓ Bartˇk2:32
8.The Miraculous Mandarin, Sz. 73: Suddenly the Mandarin's Head Appears Between the PillowsBelÓ Bartˇk3:15
9.The Miraculous Mandarin, Sz. 73: The Terrified Tramps Discuss How They Are to Get Rid of the MandarinBelÓ Bartˇk2:04
10.The Miraculous Mandarin, Sz. 73: The Body of the Mandarin Begins to GlowBelÓ Bartˇk1:49
11.The Miraculous Mandarin, Sz. 73: The Mandarin Falls on the FloorBelÓ Bartˇk2:33
12.Dance Suite, Sz. 77: I. ModeratoBelÓ Bartˇk3:35
13.Dance Suite, Sz. 77: II. Allegro moltoBelÓ Bartˇk2:19
14.Dance Suite, Sz. 77: III. Allegro vivaceBelÓ Bartˇk3:07
15.Dance Suite, Sz. 77: IV. Molto tranquilloBelÓ Bartˇk3:27
16.Dance Suite, Sz. 77: V. Commodo ? FinaleBelÓ Bartˇk5:00
17.Contrasts, Sz. 111: I. Verbunkos (Recruiting Dance)BelÓ Bartˇk5:30
18.Contrasts, Sz. 111: II. Pihen? (Relaxation)BelÓ Bartˇk4:39
19.Contrasts, Sz. 111: III. Sebes (Fast Dance)BelÓ Bartˇk6:50