Mozart: Zaide

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Mozart: Zaide

 Allan Clayton
 Classical Opera
 Darren Jeffery
 Ian Page
 Jacques Imbrailo
 Jonathan McGovern
 Sophie Bevan
 Stuart Jackson

Continuing the company’s critically acclaimed complete cycle of Mozart operas on Signum Classics is the release of Zaide. One of very few of Mozart’s works to be written without a commission, Mozart completed fifteen numbers before abandoning the work to fulfil the commission for Idomeneo. These include two searing melodramas, some superb ensembles and a sequence of arias including the celebrated “Ruhe sanft”.


Zaide Sophie Bevan (soprano)

Gomatz Allan Clayton (tenor)

Soliman Stuart Jackson (tenor)

Allazim Jacques Imbrailo (baritone)

Osmin Darren Jeffery (bass-baritone)

Vorsanger Jonathan McGovern (baritone)



Classical Opera

Ian Page conductor
Sophie Bevan (soprano)
Allan Clayton (tenor)
Stuart Jackson (tenor)
Jacques Imbrailo (baritone)
Darren Jeffery (bass-baritone)
Jonathan McGovern (baritone)


Release date: 16th Sep 2016
Order code: SIGCD473
Barcode: 635212047323

1.Thamos, Ko?nig in A?gypten, K.345: OvertureWolfgang Amadeus Mozart3:23
2.Zaide, K. 344: No. 1, Coro: ?Bru?der, laßt uns lustig sein? (Vorsinger, Sklaven)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart1:01
3.Zaide, K. 344: No. 2, Melologo: ?Unerforschliche Fu?gung? (Gomatz)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart6:57
4.Zaide, K. 344: No. 3, Aria: ?Ruhe sanft, mein holdes Leben? (Zaide)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart6:04
5.Zaide, K. 344: No. 4, Aria: ?Rase, Schicksal, wu?te immer? (Gomatz)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart3:45
6.Zaide, K. 344: No. 5, Duetto: ?Meine Seele hu?pft vor Freuden? (Zaide, Gomatz)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart2:10
7.Zaide, K. 344: No. 6, Aria: ?Herr und Freund, wie dank? ich dir? (Gomatz)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart3:39
8.Zaide, K. 344: No. 7, Aria: ?Nur mutig, mein Herze, versuche dein Glu?ck? (Allazim)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart4:18
9.Zaide, K. 344: No. 8, Terzetto: ?O selige Wonne? (Zaide, Gomatz, Allazim)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart5:59
10.Zaide, K. 344: No. 9a, Melologo: ?Zaide entflohen? (Soliman)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart4:24
11.Zaide, K. 344: No. 9, Aria: ?Der stolze Lo?w la?ßt sich zwar za?hmen? (Soliman)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart4:58
12.Zaide, K. 344: No. 10, Aria: ?Wer hungrig bei der Tafel sitzt? (Osmin)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart3:15
13.Zaide, K. 344: No. 11, Aria: ?Ich bin so bo?s? als gut? (Soliman)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart5:47
14.Zaide, K. 344: No. 12, Aria: ?Trostlos schluchzet Philomele? (Zaide)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart6:49
15.Zaide, K. 344: No. 13, Aria: ?Tiger! wetze nur die Klauen? (Zaide)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart4:16
16.Zaide, K. 344: No. 14, Aria: ?Ihr Ma?chtigen seht ungeru?hrt? (Allazim)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart4:31
17.Zaide, K. 344: No. 15, Quartetto: ?Freundin, stille deine Tra?nen? (Zaide, Gomatz, Soliman, Allazim)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart6:36